Automated Appointment Booking and Follow-Ups

Get automated responses for website leads as well as incoming phone calls, Facebook messages, and Google Business Profile chats.

Owning Your Own Practice Or Medspa Is Hard.

We’ve talked to many doctors, dentists, and medspa owners, and sure, they all got into it because they love making people look and feel better. But let’s be real, it’s also about the money, the financial freedom for you and your family.

But your clinic is a business, and running a business has tedious tasks that HAVE to be done in order for you to keep your pipeline full, like scheduling consultations, sending confirmation emails, and following up with patients to make sure they show up for their appointment. And when they don’t…you just wasted a whole bunch of time and money.

3DoorAesthetics automated appointment booking and email follow-up reminders let you put your focus back where it belongs, making people look and feel their best.

Get the burden of busy-work off your shoulders by automating it, and free up your time. Check out how we can do it for you by watching the video –>

Turn Your Practice Into A Patient-Getting Machine

Did you go to med school or dental school just so you could chase prospective patients or medspa customers and remind them about their appointments? Of course not, you went to become the best at making people look their best. And of course, make a lot of money while doing it.
You and your staff have better things to do than copy and paste emails and send them out to each potential patient. Get your time back, get your money back, and we will automate it all for you. Scheduling calendars, booking confirmations, follow-up emails, and text messages. Minimize patients flaking on consultations while increasing your bottom line.
Want to hear more? Schedule a strategy session and we will show exactly how to turn your practice into a well-oiled patient-getting machine.
Spoiler, the calendar that pops up when you click or tap the button, which you’ll use to schedule your strategy session is the same calendar mechanism we’ll put in place for you. You’ll also get automated follow-up emails, again, you’ll get those too. Ready to see it in action? Choose the best date and time, and the rest is automated. Speak soon.